Mr. Casey Hedrick

2018-2019 School Year

As the school year quickly approaches I hope that everyone had an enjoyable summer!  Here is a short list of various activities/units that students will be participating in during Physical Education: Low Organized Games, Tag Games, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Gymnastics/Tumbling, Floor Hockey, Scooters, Team Building, Frisbee, Locomotor/Non-Locomotor Movements, etc.

Physical Education Guidelines: 
1. The proper shoes and clothing must be worn at all times.  Make sure student has comfortable clothes and sneakers.  Please keep in mind that at times we will be outside taking part in activities, so don't wear your nicest clothes on days that your child has PE class.
2. The only way for your child to be excused from PE class is if I receive a written note on that particular day.  Anything that is more than 2 classes will require a doctor's note.
3. All students will be expected to respect all of their classmates, one-self, the teacher, equipment, as well as the gymnasium itself.
4. HAVE FUN!!!


*Any questions please feel free to contact me at the following email address: