Fairview Elementary Instrumental Music

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I would like to review a few responsibilities regarding participation in the instrumental program at Fairview.

     1.  Students need to have required materials with them for both lesson and full-band.  This includes lesson book, band music, pencil and parent signature on the practice log.
     2.  Students are required to attend lessons during the school day.  If there is an activity taking place within the regular classroom that does not allow them to attend students must let me know.  Otherwise they are recorded as skipping lesson time.
     3.  Students are required to practice a minimum of 15minutes each night, which totals 90 minutes, to receive a practice grade of "A" for each lesson.  If students have two lessons during the week then a requirement of 60 minutes for the second lesson equals an "A."  A break down of the practice grade for each lesson is found below.

Regular Week (6 practice days of 90 minutes)  Short Week (4 practice days of 60 minutes)
A+= 91 or more minutes                                A+= 61 or more minutes
A= 75-90 minutes                                          A= 45-60 minutes
B= 60-74 minutes                                          B= 30-44 minutes
C= 45-59 minutes                                          C= 21-29 minutes
D= 30-44 minutes                                          D= 15-20 minutes
F= 0-29 minutes                                            F= 0-14 minutes

Encourage your child to practice.  Many students prepare lesson material and band music with a great deal of time commitment and dedication.  Some students are going above and beyond what is required,and it is very evident in their playing ability.  Please remind your child in order to do well at anything time needs to be set aside to practice.  A time commitment of at least 15 minutes a day is expected in order to make progress so your child will feel successful.

With many students involved in a number of activities a definite time needs to be designated for practicing.  Otherwise the student becomes frustrated when attending band and lessons because he/she cannot perform the required material at the level that is expected.  Help your child figure out when the best time to practice is and assist them in sticking to what was decided.  

 Students are expected to attend lesson time and band rehearsal when in school.  Each marking period a schedule is given to each student that indicates lesson times.  Band will continue through the beginning of May and lessons continue through the end of the school year.

Practicing gives your child confidence in playing.  Along with practicing individually each student needs to be in regular attendance at full band rehearsal.  By attending regularly with all required materials (music folder and instrument) students gain confidence in playing with the group.  Playing individually is so different than playing with a group!  Concert attendance is required because performance is the end result of all the hard work each student contributes to the band program.  It is only with continued perseverance that success is obtained. 

The students of the Fairview Falcon band will participate in the Holiday Concert on Tuesday, December 4 at 7:30 pm.  The Spring Concert is Tuesday, May 7 at 6:30 pm.  Band members will also participate in a district wide concert celebrating Music in Our Schools on Thursday, February 21 at 7 pm in the WASHS auditorium.  The desire is for the band to present one selection at the Veterans Day program on Monday, November 5 at 9:15 am.    

I would like to once again say thank you for supporting music at Fairview Elementary.  When students participate in activities that require everyone to be doing their best many valuable life-long skills are learned.  Those skills are, but not limited to, cooperation, striving for a goal and knowing you are important to the success of the group.  Continue to encourage your child to participate and always put forth their best effort.  Music is an activity that each student can participate in long after the diploma is received on graduation day.  It can be for a lifetime.

Fourth grade students and any student in fifth grade will have the opportunity of beginning instrument instruction in May.  Instrument rental night is scheduled for Monday, April 9 at 6:30 pm in the Waynesboro Area High School Auditorium.  If your child does not bring a letter home have him/her see either Miss Mummert or myself for one.  The bottom portion of the letter regarding instrument selection will need to be returned to either Miss Mummert or myself.  The meeting will include information about the instrumental program as well as the rental program through Menchey Music Service.  Plan to attend even if your child already has access to an instrument.  If you have any questions about the meeting or the instrumental program feel free to contact me at kelly_leitzel@wasdpa.org.
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