Kindergarten Reading Strategies

Our Reading Strategies  
Below are the reading strategies that we use while reading in our classroom.  Please encourage your student to use them when reading at home each evening.  They are listed in the order they will be introduced.


Look at the Picture 

  • Use your eyes to "read" the pictures and look for clues.  When reading with/to your child, take a moment to look at and discuss what is happening in the pictures on each page prior to reading the text.

Get My Mouth Ready 

  • Say the sound of the first letter   (bug= bug)

 s a t  Say the Sounds.  Read the Word

  • Slowly say each sound in a word (sat=  s-a-t)

Look for a Part or a Chunk in the Word

  • Look for little chunks inside of big words  (cat= cat)


  • Go back and reread the sentence.  Ask yourself, "What would make sense?"

Read on, and Then Come Back

  • Continue to read the sentence and then come back to fill in the unknown word


Good Readers always ask themselves:
Does it look right?
Does it sound right?
Does it make sense?