Activities to try at home
As the school year continues, please check back for new ideas on how to help your child at home.  

Helping your child to write their name:

Is your child working on writing their name?  Use a yellow highlighter to write your child's name for them.  As you write it, make sure to use a capital at the beginning, followed by lowercase letters.  Read and say the letters as you write them for your child.  Then, if needed, use hand over hand grip to help your child write and trace on top of the highlighted letters of their name.  Again, as they trace, encourage them to say or repeat the letters of their name.  Once this is established.  You can then write their name in dot formation.  This is similar to connect the dots.  Your child would then trace the dot out line of the letters to write their name. 

Here are a few free websites to encourage reading skills: