Mrs. Wendy Bricker

"First a reader, then a leader!
W. Fusselman
Tips to Nurture your Child's Reading Development

1.  Spend time with your child talking, singing, and telling nursery rhymes.
These activities will help children get ready for reading!

   2. Set aside a special time each day to read to/with your child.  
After selecting a comfortable place to read, cuddle up together to enjoy the book!

3. Allow your child to turn the pages and point to words and pictures.  
This interaction will allow your child to become involved in the story and teach him/her how to properly handle books.

4. Choose books that would interest your child.  
You can also choose books that relate to what is happening
 in your child's life (starting a new school, having a new brother or sister, ...).

5. Allow your child to help choose the books you're going to read together.  

6. Change your voice and reading pace to fit the story.  
These tips will make the book more interesting!

7.  After reading, talk about the book to further
your child's understanding.

8.  Reread your child's favorite book(s).  
Children learn from repetition!