Mrs. Susan Calimer

Notepad.pngIST NEWS 2016-17
       Hello Summitview parents and friends.  My name is Mrs. Calimer.  I am the instructional support teacher at Summitview Elementary School.  I am a teacher but I do not have a classroom!  I get the privilege of working with all grade levels, kindergarten through sixth grade!
     As the instructional support teacher I am responsible for working with students, teachers, and parents to put educational plans in place to help our students be successful at Summitview. Sometimes a student just needs that extra little push to meet success in a subject area.  Together, we set goals for your child and develop strategies to help reach these goals.  After a period of time we review our plan, goals, and strategies.  From this point we may change our strategy or continue to monitor your child's progress. Parents are a very important part of this process.  You are your child's very first and most important teacher.  I value your insight and input as we work together to meet your child's needs and strive to help him/her be successful in school. 
     My office is located in the main office.  You can reach me by email at: or by telephone at 762-1191, x1837.  

    I work closely with the teachers and reading specialists to properly place students in reading interventions based on the RtII (Response to Intervention and Instruction) model in place at Summitview.  The goal of RtII is to improve a student's academic achievement in the regular education environment using research-based interventions that target a student's instructional needs, at the student's instructional level.  Students are placed into intervention groups and receive extra support on a daily basis as their academic progress is monitored and charted for growth.  As a child succeeds in the targeted intervention he/she moves back into the regular classroom and continues on a path of success.  Students are continually monitored for progress and intervention groups change as student needs change.
Project Team
     An exciting new program is taking shape at Summitview this school year.  It is called Project Team!  Project Team is built on the the foundations of problem-solving, helping others, leadership, positive change, anti-bullying and resiliency.  Our students will be earning team tickets that go towards a school-wide goal as they show they have increased their knowledge and skills in the above foundations.  When our students earn a collective 30,000 tickets we will have an all-school reward day to show we are a team who works together to make Summitview a community of leaders, problem-solvers and helpers who are resilient and commited to seeing positive changes happen in an anti-bullying setting.

Martin's A+ Rewards
     Summitview earns money every time you use your Martin's Bonuscard!  The money generated yearly goes towards student supplies and technology needs.  If your card was registered last school year there is no need to re-register.  If your card isn't registered follow these easy steps to do so:

1.  go to

2.  click on: BonusCard

3.  on the BonusCard drop down menu, click on: A+ School Rewards

4.  go to: customer registration: register card

5.  follow the steps for entering the first three letters of your last name and your card #

click:   look up

6.  enter: 20436 as Summitview's school ID and submit

Thank you for registering your card and helping Summitview!

For the 2015-16 school year, your Bonus Cards generated $2,100 for Summitview!! A great big "thank you" to all who took the time to register a bonus card!
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