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Classroom Information

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year.

I am looking forward to working with your child in math and science this year.   

Daily Schedule 

8:40-8:55 Homeroom
8:55-9:37 and 10:17-11:10 Math (homeroom class)
9:37-10:17 Specials
11:10-11:50 Science (homeroom class)
11:50  Get ready for lunch
11:55-12:25 Lunch
12:25-12:35 Earned/Optional Recess
12:40-2:10 Math (Mrs. Runk's homeroom)
2:10-2:30 Recess
2:30-3:10 Science (Mrs. Runk's homeroom)
3:10-3:15 Homeroom

Specials Schedule  9:37-10:17
Day 1  Media
Day 2  Art
Day 3  Music
Day 4  Phys. Ed.


     We check planners every day.  We expect the students to write the assignments for the evenings on the proper day.  Parents/Guardians are to sign the space for that day each evening.  Mrs. Runk and I ask that for the first two weeks of school that you sign your name so it becomes familiar to me, then you can use your initials.  It is very important to check your child’s planner each day and sign it.  We do at times write notes to you in the planner.  You may also communicate with us in the planner.

Math Homework Points 

     At the beginning of the marking period each student will start with 20 math homework points.  A student will keep all the points unless homework assignments are missed.  If a homework assignment is missing or incomplete the student will lose 1 point from the 20.  If the assignment is returned completed the next day the student will earn a 1/2 point back.  For example:  Student is missing HL 1-2, he/she will lose 1 point, taking his/her total down to 19 points.  If it is returned completed the next day he/she will earn a 1/2 point back, taking his/her total to 19 1/2 points.  At midway through the marking period I will enter their homework score into the portal.  I will use the same system for the second half of the marking period.  There will be 2 homework scores recorded on the portal, one at midway through the marking period and one at the end of the marking period.   

Everyday Math Student Reference Book

On the second day of school I sent home with each student an older edition of the Student Reference Book.  They are to keep this at home until I announce the collection of them near the end of May.  It is a resource for both parents and students and presents the topics and concepts that we learn in fourth grade.  The index will tell which pages the topic can be found and then those pages give additional information about the topic.  Everyday Math teaches some methods for multiplying and dividing that are different than the traditional ones.  Explanations of those methods are in the Student Reference Book to provide a guide for parents and students.  

Reading at Home

   Each student is expected to read a book at their level for 20 minutes each evening and record the title and page numbers in the planner as part of their homework. They may choose to read more than that if they want or need to in order to reach their point goal.  All students should be taking and passing the AR Tests.

Science/PA History

 This year your child will need to study for tests and quizzes in science and PA history. The content of these subjects increase in difficulty and have many facts and concepts.  We consider studying to be a part of the homework.  There may be projects in these subjects that may need to be completed at home.  Information on these are sent home before they are due so that you can be aware of them.
       Science units:  structures of life, magnetism and electricity, energy, solar system, design process, and water.
       Social studies units will focus on our state of Pennsylvania.  Topics include: political and physical features, regions, natural resources, history, and government.


    Grades are based on classwork, notebooks, quizzes, tests, homework assignments, projects, and participation in class.  Please check the community portal to check your child's grades and follow his/her progress in 4th grade.
 We use the following grading scale:
    A    90-100
    B    80-89
    C    70-79
    D    60-69
    E    59 and below

 Math Facts

   Please review the addition and subtraction facts with your child. This will benefit them in being able to do the more complex math in a faster fashion.  It is expected that the students know their addition and subtraction facts at the beginning of fourth grade.  They should be able to give the answer to the problem within 3 seconds.

     All students should study multiplication facts until they know each fact's answer within 3 seconds.  This is becoming more important as we progress to more difficult multiplication problems.  Students should know the multiplication facts up to the 10's by the end of October.

     Daily fact homework assignments will be given each week on the first day of the week and due the last day of the week.   Please time your student for each day's segment and record the time and check to see that the problems are correct.  There will be a time test given on the last day of each week to monitor student progress in learning the facts.  We will start with multiplication facts, then progress to division facts, and end with mixed multiplication and division facts.  

 Math Practice
  • Study Island--allows students to practice math, reading, and science skills that are aligned to the PA standards for education-your child knows his/her user name and password.  
  • EveryDay Math has a website that your student has received a password and login-they should be the same as they used in third grade.
  • Xtra Math-this is a web based program that allows students to practice the math facts.  Your child will be given a login and password within the first few weeks of school for this program.


   You may contact me through notes in the planner, e mail or by phone at Summitview. 

My e-mail address is

Thank you for your support and help in your child’s education.

About Me

I received my undergraduate and graduate degrees from Shippensburg University and have taken additional classes at various colleges since earning my Master's Degree.    

I live in Waynesboro with my husband and our spoiled cat named Turbo.  My son, Chris, graduated from college in May and will be teaching music in kindergarten, first, and second grade in the South Middleton School District.  Some of my interests are reading, fitness, working outdoors, photography, and being a Miami Dolphins fan.  This past summer our family went on a first time trip to California and visited Disneyland, Hollywood, and Pacific Ocean beaches.  

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