Math Homelinks: Math homework will be sent home almost every night in your child's math folder.  Math homework will be pink.  Please read the parent note at the top before completing the homework with your child.  Please be sure to sit your child and help them where needed on the math homework.

Math Flashcards: We will be starting math facts in November.  Please practice your child's math flashcards each evening.  I will test them at school on Fridays.  Once they have mastered their current set I will send the next set home to you.  Facts should be recalled automatically.

100 Book Challenge:  Students will bring 2 100 Book Challenge books home each evening.  The students are to READ these books to their parent or guardian.  After reading each book please have a discussion with your child about what they read.  (Ex:  Who were the characters in the story?  What was the setting?  Please talk about what happened in this story?  Please tell me what you learned after reading this book?)  After your child has read each story and you have talked about the book, please sign two lines on the log sheet.  Both the books and the log sheet MUST be returned in your child's Super Hero Reading Folder each day.  I will check their log sheet each day to be sure they are completing their reading homework each night.