My Homework

Math Home Links:
Math homework will be sent home almost every night in your child's red take home folder. Homework will be pink. Please read the parent note at the top. It sometimes requires your students to bring things for class the next day. 

Reminder: Don't forget about your parent newsletter that comes home before each unit. It has answers for homework to help refresh your memory if you are stuck on the topic.

Math Facts: Please keep practicing your child’s math flashcards at home nightly. Facts should be recalled automatically. 

100 Book Challenge:
Every night your child will bring home their green 100 Book Challenge folder. Your child is responsible for filling in the title, date, and level. They are to read the books to you and you are to sign their log sheet. These books are meant to be on their level to practice fluency. These books are not meant to be too difficult for your child. 

High Frequency Words and Spelling Words:
Your child will have a word card in their 100 Book Challenge folder. Please practice these words. Your child will be responsible for reading all the words. Spelling words are sent home Monday and tested Friday. Please reference the handout for many fun, creative ways to practice the weekly pattern spelling words at home. No written homework will be given.