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Educational Websites

A student-friendly site bursting with language activities that include your child’s favorite PBS characters.

Starfall is a valuable site where your children can learn more about the tools needed to read. There are many tips for parents to help their child with reading at home.

It has hundreds of educational games, for literacy, math and science.

A site devoted to games with a special emphasis on math and reading. There is a special place for parents to visit and learn more as well.

A great site that integrates reading with science, explore and enjoy.

A classroom magazine and activities!

A math practice site to help improve their skills, and confidence to meet grade level expectations.

This site has many educational games centered around math and also includes games, puzzles and printable activities/worksheets.

An amusement park of math and more designed for children. A math reference area is also available to address questions you may have when helping your child on a particular math concept.