Homework will mainly consist of THREE parts.

1. Math Homelinks
2. Math Fact Practice
3. Two 100 Book Challenge Books: these will come home daily (Kept in yellow 100 Book Challenge folder) 


MATH:  Your child will receive a PINK math page for homework each time a lesson is completed (this may not be every day). When your child has one of these Homelinks in their take home folder, please be sure to complete and send back the next day. Be sure that your child writes his/her name and desk # on the page. 


MATH FACTS: These come home each Friday (or the last day of the week). Students will practice the math facts sent home with them. On Thursday of each week, students will take a math facts test based on the level they are currently on (+0, +1, +2, etc.). If students pass the test, they will get new flash cards on Friday. If they do not, they are to continue working on the same math facts as the previous week. 


100 BOOK CHALLENGE:  Please read (and record on the log sheet) TWO lines each night whenever possible.  In the case that one of the books takes a LONG time, feel free to SKIP the second book for the night.  When that happens, please record the title of the completed book, TWO TIMES using TWO LINES on the log sheet so that your child gets the credit he or she deserves for the hard work. 


Spelling: Students will not have spelling homework. However, they will be tested in spelling each week and at the end of the year. When spelling words are sent home on Monday, please practice these with your child to prepare them for the test on Friday. 


First graders should work on homework for approximately 20 minutes/day.  Consider spreading out the tasks over the course of the week if need be. 


Please encourage your child to build his/her academic skills by completing homework assignments on time. Thank you so much for your help.