Discipline Policy

In our classroom we use a colored "clip chart" to monitor our behavior and classroom choices. Your child has a clip that they will use to move up and down the chart based on their behavior. All students will start the day off on green (Ready to Learn). Positive behavior choices allow students to move up a level in the chart and inappropriate behavior choices cause the students to move down a level in the chart. Please keep in mind that your child may not move every single day!  In order to move up, students must go above and beyond in their behavior choices.  Below are the explanations of each level of the clip chart.

Pink - Outstanding
Purple - Great Choices
Blue - Good Choices
Green - Ready to Learn 
Yellow - Warning
Orange - Consequence (5 minutes of recess missed)
Red - Parent Contact (10 minutes of recess missed and a note/call home)

     A monthly behavior calendar will be kept in your child's take home folder. Please discuss the calendar with your child each night. Students have the opportunity to go beyond green. If a student clips above green, they will receive a team ticket for each color moved. 
     If a student clips above green they can still move down. If a student clips below yellow (orange or red), the student will stay there until the next school day. 

Clip Chart Advantages:

  1. Students are acknowledged for positive behavior choices. 
  2. Students feel a sense of accomplishment when they make good behavior choices and move their clip up. 
  3. Students who have had to move their clip down always have the opportunity to improve and clip up later in the day, thus they continue to stay motivated to make positive behavior choices. 


This system is a great way to encourage positive behavior in the classroom and gives students a chance to monitor their behavior. 

I also use a table group and whole group behavior reward system. Rewards will be given as a group or whole class for working together and being role models throughout the week and month.