Fall Conferences

Due to me having a due date of October 4th (the second night of Fall conferences), Mrs. Byers and I wanted to be proactive in having our conferences.  Therefore, to give you an opportunity to meet with both of us at the same conference, we are starting our meetings earlier.  Our first available date will be September 17th, and we have dates and time slots set up before, during, and after school through September 25th.  Please click on the included link to sign up for the day and time of your choice.  Feel free to email myself or Mrs. Byers if you are confused about how to sign up and we can help you.

Thank you for your understanding!

Below is the link to sign up for Fall conferences with Mrs. Byers and myself.  Please click the link and sign up for one spot.  Please make sure you include your child's name, your name, your email address, and your phone number.  Thank you so much! :)

Fall Conference Sign-Up