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World Geography & Science Procedures


Dear Parents/Guardians,


Listed below are the procedures and daily routines in the classroom. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to a successful year with all of you.

Materials Needed:
Color Pencils
Sticky Notes
Ear Buds


Each day student will complete a "warm-up" to start the class. This is usually a question, map or topic that gets the students thinking about our concept for the day. They will complete the warm-up in their notebook, on their computer or a handout.  


Students will be required to keep a notebook and folder. This will include any worksheets, notes, or other assignments that we complete for each chapter/unit. At various times throughout the semester, I will grade the notebooks and folders for different components.

When homework is assigned, it will be checked on the day it is due.  If a homework assignment is missing on the day it is due, students will have two days to turn it in for 50% of the score.  After two days, if the homework is still missing, the grade will be a zero.

A variety of assessments will be incorporated throughout the school year.. It is expected that each student will complete his/her own work. If help is needed, please encourage your student to ask questions!