There are subjects which typically have ongoing assignments, Monday through Thursday evenings.

Math - Monday through Thursday expect a HomeLink or supplemental page.
  Also, students should be practicing their multiplication/division math facts.
You can access the online SRB for help at home.
                Use the EDM online ConnectEd for skills review, practice, and challenge.

Reading - Students should read each night for 20 minutes. 
                If students are reading a chapter book, they should try to read a complete chapter.
Mrs. Lego will be monitoring this.

Social Studies - Test preparation that will require a parent signature so there are no surprises we had a test.

Reading over the weekend is strongly encouraged but not required.

Study Island-
Login is easy through the school district website.  Under schools click on Summitview.  Then click on Student Web Resources.  Study Island will pop up.

User name: firstnamelastname@wasd
Password: lunch number