Field Trips
Field Trips

There are several Field Trips for fifth grade.  Dates will be posted once we find out when these events will occur.  Chaperones are needed for Renfrew and Gettysburg.

1.  The first field trip is in the fall when we go to Renfrew for a full day of programs. Half of the day is a program titled Field to Table. The other program is Lifesavers of the Chesapeake. Parent chaperones will accompany us on this walking trip.Our date is Monday, October 29. 

*We will leave Summitview at 8:55 and should return by 2:45.
*Students are encouraged to wear sneakers or other comfortable walking shoes.
*They may apply sunscreen before we leave.
*They may bring water bottles.
*An extra water bottle and snack are encouraged for when we return to Summitview.

2.  We also will have the Outdoor Experience at Camp Eder in the Spring. Those dates are May 6 and 7.  More details on that later.

3.  Another field trip is to Gettysburg which will also be in the spring.